Are you wasting pounds by saving pennies on your IT?

Time is money

It’s an old saying, but if you are running a business, it is true – time is money. If you or your staff are spending time on your IT, you are not spending time doing what you do best, and more importantly – what you get paid for! It’s not just that time you spent purchasing and maintaining your own IT to save money either – if you purchase cheaper IT products and services, it can waste a lot of staff time.

April 06 2022

Could the wrong people get hold of your documents?

We wrote about the importance of keeping data in your emails safe from prying eyes in our last blog, but what about the rest of your data in the cloud, servers and individual machines? You have a variety of files on all of these that have information you do not want unauthorised people having access to. It could be personal information, financial information, legal matters or just anything that could be commercially sensitive. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that access is limited to those that you want to see it.

February 24 2022

Are your sensitive emails safe from prying eyes?

We have talked a lot about how essential it is to protect your data to avoid losing it in previous blogs. But what about making sure you are the only ones with access to it? We all have to send emails with extra sensitive information sometimes that we do not want anyone other than the receiver to see, but some emails are more sensitive than others. In some cases, the wrong people accessing an email can mean a high cost to your business.

February 08 2022

Hands-free backup

Even if your staff are working from home, they should be accessing your server via VPN and storing all work data there (and/or Onedrive for Office files). You can set aside a portion of your server that only they or an administrator can access. This minimises disruption if a device is damaged or lost or an employee is on holiday or is unwell. But what about the server itself? How much is your data worth?

December 09 2021

Managing meetings in a “hybrid” model business

We have all got used to video meetings since March 2020. But how do you manage meetings as staff come back to the office? Many of our clients are moving to a “hybrid” model, with employees only coming into the office one to three days a week.

This is great for staff morale and will benefit many businesses, but it does mean that you may need to hold meetings for a mixture of staff working from home and in the office.

So, what are your options?

November 08 2021

Could you retrieve a ten-year-old deleted Office 365 file if you needed to?

There are all sorts of reasons that you could lose files. They could be deleted or overwritten by accident, be in a previous employee’s inbox that’s been deleted, or even lost because they were encrypted in a ransomware attack (see our last blog for more about that). In fact, the No. 1 cause of data loss in systems such as Microsoft Office 365 is accidental deletion. About 70 per cent of all lost data is due to end-users accidentally or maliciously deleting data.

October 06 2021