Cloud Solutions

Do you want to maximize your business potentials? Are you considering cloud solutions for your business operations? Regardless of your situation, Central Network Services will give you an independent assessment based on your business needs.

The cloud is known to use distributed server infrastructure to host emails, applications, virtual desktops, and other IT services. It complements the in-house systems through the added extra layers of connectivity, security, and backup solutions. That way, your data is protecting while empowering your workforce.

If you need dependable cloud solutions, Central Network Services will give you incredible deals. We will help you simplify upgrades, security, patching, and maintenance at competitive costs. Our cloud solutions are designed based on your business needs.

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Office 365

Did you know that introducing cloud to your services will result to efficiencies and cost-savings? As a Microsoft Silver Partner in providing cloud solutions, we take pride in our expertise in Office 365. We will expertly help you grow your business, from initial advice to effective migrations and ongoing support.

Office 365 offers a powerful cloud productivity regardless of your business size. It helps you save time and money while freeing up valued resources. It combines familiar MS desktop suite with MS next-generation communications and collaboration service versions, such as MS Skype for Business Online, Office for the web, MS SharePoint Online, and MS Exchange Online to help the users become productive virtually anywhere via the internet.

One Drive for business

Central Network Services will help you gain the best out of OneDrive for Business investment with the right mix of consulting services to support the FastTrack benefits. We will utilise mature and repeatable methodologies to deliver quality and efficiency in accelerating content migrations.

We will figure out and deliver the best OneDrive client deployment model as part of the Office 365 initiatives. You can count on our management and security tuning at the device, application, and worker level. We will also help you with content migration and consolidation from a variety of sources.

MONTREAL, CANADA - FEBRUARY 28, 2019: Microsoft OneDrive new icon. Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of subscriptions that provide productivity software and related services.

Why Choose Our Cloud Solutions?

Our team of professional cloud consultants is experienced in helping and supporting businesses of all sizes to grow. We provide valuable recommendations with your business needs in mind.

When you choose us to provide you with cloud solutions, you can enjoy the following benefits:

No Hidden Fees

Our prices are about transparency, and there are no hidden fees. In other words, you will only pay for what your business needs. With our fixed pricing model, you can improve your financial planning and cash-flow.

Industry-Leading Partnership

We have a close relationship with trusted and reliable vendors. So, rest assured that we will support you in the cloud solution implementation with no hassle.

Practical Advice 

We will give you useful and practical advice to ensure your business will get the most of cloud technologies. Besides being vendor-neutral, we also ensure your best interests. Meaning, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will provide you the best solutions for your long-term business success.

Improved Remote Working 

When you use the cloud, your remote workers can access the data center with fast internet speed and high-quality infrastructure. Meaning, you have nothing to worry about your team who tries to connect with the internal systems.

Business-Class Connectivity

With our cloud solutions, you can access various cloud services across the interest. Meaning, you will find the right connectivity to meet expectations and ensure success. We are committed to helping you enjoy faster, secure connectivity.


Are you ready to reap the benefits of cloud solutions? Then, contact us today!