Backup Solutions

Not all backup solutions are the same! At Central Network Services, we give you a more personalised and effective backup services and solutions. All our solutions are tailored based on your unique business needs. What’s more, our solutions are within your budget.

Most brands and businesses choose us as their backup solutions partner because of our personal approach. We know how to listen to your needs and build a lasting relationship. We are committed to protecting your vital business data.

Through our backup solutions, we will help you have a complete control over your data. We will also ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities and possible risks. We provide you with reliable solutions at affordable prices.

Backup to the Cloud

One of the major benefits of cloud backup is that you can restore old files that you have accidentally or intended to delete on your computer. In case of a software wipe or hardware failure, you can access any files stored on the computer through the cloud backup and restoring them.

With our cloud backup solutions, we ensure that your data is expertly stored in remote online servers. You can access them anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection. In other words, you can have easy access in case of recovery situations.

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Cloud to Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup refers to the process of backing up data that you have stored on a cloud backup service, be it the Google G Suite, MS Office, or private applications. Our solutions are designed to help you save money. That is because we will eliminate any storage hardware cost.

When you take advantage of cloud-to-cloud backup solutions, it’s a sure thing that you will get reduced initial hardware expenses, data availability delays, and on-going maintenance costs. You can use the amount saved in other areas of your business.

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On-premise Backup

Through our on-premise backup solutions, we will back up your critical business data from your server with ease. Then, we will store them on-premise through removable and physical storage media, such as external USB and NAS (Network attached storage) devices. We will leave these backup devices to you so that you can access them easily.

We ensure that your business will run seamlessly. You have nothing to worry about downtime because we will keep this to as little as possible for you while preventing data loss. We guarantee that the entire on-premise backup process is hassle-free.

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Personalised Backup Solutions

We have been providing quality and scalable backup solutions for many years. As a leading IT service and solution provider, we pride ourselves on providing personalised solutions. We ensure that everything we do for your business involves careful planning and execution with your unique needs in mind.

Dependable Data Protection

Data is your business’ lifeblood and intellectual property. That is why you need to keep it safe at all times. However, knowing whom to trust is not a simple task, and we understand that.

Central Network Services ensure that we will effectively protect your business data. With our trusted technical vendors and partners, you have peace of mind that your data will be free from any cybersecurity attacks and other threats.

We are passionate about providing the best solutions for all your data backup needs. We want you to focus on growing your business and leave the backup job to use. Every time you use your data, you will be confident that you will not lose them and are not vulnerable to threats.

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