Could you retrieve a ten-year-old deleted Office 365 file if you needed to?

There are all sorts of reasons that you could lose files. They could be deleted or overwritten by accident, be in a previous employee’s inbox that’s been deleted, or even lost because they were encrypted in a ransomware attack (see our last blog for more about that). In fact, the No. 1 cause of data loss in systems such as Microsoft Office 365 is accidental deletion. About 70 per cent of all lost data is due to end-users accidentally or maliciously deleting data.

Recently, one businesses employee was found to have stolen £27K by emailing her bank details to customers before deleting the incriminating emails. Thankfully for them, she wasn’t exactly a criminal mastermind and kept hard copies. This is an extreme case, but you never know when old deleted (whether accidental or deliberate) files or emails might be important for you in court.

While Office 365 is brilliant for continuous service availability, the inbuilt measures to prevent permanent data loss are limited. It does provide basic backup capability, and you can usually find a file going back up to 30 days, but all too often, companies find they need access to a file when it is too late. You may need to produce emails for a court case, or an old client comes back and needs that piece of work you did for them six years ago, or discover that you accidentally deleted a PowerPoint presentation you need to show a customer – 31 days later.

This is where Central Network Services Cloud to Cloud Backup comes in. For about £2.50 a month per user mailbox, we can ensure that all of your files (and previous versions) are backed up. You can go back and find a ten-year-old file if necessary! Using this service, we automatically backup all your Microsoft Office 365 files (including all your files in Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online) to a secure cloud. It means you have peace of mind knowing that we have all your documents safely stored.

CNS Cloud to Cloud Office 365 Backup Features

Quick and Easy Restoration

  • Easy search and retrieval of all backup data from the cloud
  • Point-in-time recovery of mailbox, folder, file, and email message data
  • Flexible restoration to original or different user accounts

Reporting and Statistics

  • Detailed reporting and audit logging
  • Backup status and health monitoring for each backup source
  • Automated email alerts detail items added, modified, or removed since the last backup

Administration and Policy Management

  • Centralized management
  • Mobile administration for Apple iOS and Android devices with a Cloud Control Mobile App
  • Role-based administration of users, privileges, and control access

Secure and Compliant Cloud Backup (for those of you who like to know the technical stuff)

  • 128-bit SSL encryption for data in transit; 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest
  • SSAE 16 Type II certification
  • Redundant storage within and across geographically distributed data centres

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