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At Central Network Services, we believe that communication is meant to be convenient. That is why we give you a user-friendly and reliable telephony solutions tailored towards empowering your business.

If you want your organization to run efficiently, an effective communication system is essential. Without it, managing both incoming and outgoing calls can be a challenging job for you. It might also lead to financial and operational strains, or worse, those who contact you will have a negative impression about you.

Always keep Your Customers and Clients Within Arms-Reach

At Central Network Services, we focus on the installation, maintenance, and supply of your business telephony systems. We will also take care of your associated telecom equipment and structured cabled networks. We will manage your telephone systems and keep your clients or customers accessible regardless of the situation.

We know that each of our clients has unique needs and wants. That is why we will carefully assess your communication needs. Then, we will tailor a solution based on your budget and needs. Regardless of your business size, you can count on us.

Hosted Telephony (VOIP)

Are you having a hard time using your VoIP? Not a problem. We give dependable VoIP solutions.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to hardware and software types that allow you to use the Internet for telephone calls. It involves sending voice data with the use of IP rather than the traditional circuit transitions.

As you take advantage of our VoIP, you can increase your business’ productivity level because your employees can perform multi-tasking without any interruption. It also saves you money since you do not need to allocate a budget to traditional phone bills.

Interestingly, our VoIP solutions are versatile and cost-effective, with a bandwidth that can accommodate thousands of users. When you choose us to provide you with VoIP solutions, you can enjoy the following advantages:


  • Easy installation, use, and troubleshooting
  • Increased mobility, flexibility, and productivity
  • Easy to scale up or down
  • Saves time and money
  • Other business systems integration
  • More efficient bandwidth use
  • Streamlines teleworking
  • Reduces maintenance and equipment costs
  • Delivers rich media services, such as voice calls, video calls, instant messages

Reliable Inbound Service

We also offer inbound service, which can expand your customer reach dramatically. We can assign additional office numbers to your system from other parts of the UK. We will do that by creating a virtual service number according to your customers’ or clients’ geographical locations. After that, you can answer calls immediately.

Besides providing your customers with a single point of contact, we will also transfer calls to your chosen partners. As a result, your business can improve its credibility and professionalism. Plus, you can measure the receptiveness and success of your campaign by tracking the call frequency based on the time, length, and location of a call.

Convenient Communication Through Our Dependable Telephony Services

As a business owner, you need to keep in touch with your customers or clients. That way, you can build a lasting relationship with them. It will also help you get familiar with them, know their concerns, update them with your latest offerings, and determine their real needs.

With our dependable telephony services, there is no way for you not to communicate with your customers or clients effectively. We will help you get closer with them and give them what they want and increase your business productivity.

If you think it’s time for your business to have telephony solutions, do no hesitate to contact us

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