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Are you planning to purchase licenses? Do you want a seamless hardware or software procurement process? No matter what your procurement needs are, Central Network Services has got your back!

IT market is ever-changing and complex, with a plethora of choices for businesses of all sizes. So luckily, Central Network Services is here for you to simplify and make the procurement safe and successful. 

Reliable and Cost-Efficient

We invest heavily in reliable IT procurement solutions, logistics, stockholding, supply chain management, and strong commercial relationships with trusted vendor partners. That is to provide great value to our customers.

Whether you need software, hardware, or service, we are ready to provide you all the essential support and solutions. We utilise cost-effective and reliable procurement mechanisms. We will expertly maximize the licensing value, simplify contract management, prevent availability delays, and secure flexible and advantageous finance.

Highly Skillful and Experienced Team

Our highly skillful and experienced team with in-depth IT market knowledge will help you make the entire procurement successful. Our services and solutions range from business, and IT needs analysis to impartial advice, seamless acquisition, and fast delivery.

After we procure your hardware/software, we can help you install, connect, configure, and test them. In case you want liberty from the entire IT hardware, software, support process, and licensing, you can take advantage of our fully managed IT service.

Central Network Services will help you procure the following IT products for your business:

  • Computing – PCs, laptops, Mac, desktop workstations, iPads, notebooks, and monitors 
  • Networking – broadband, leased lines, routers, switches, wired and wireless, cloud and hybrid solutions 
  • Servers, storage, and backup solutions 
  • Communications – mobile devices and smartphones, VoIP handsets and accessories, telephone systems 
  • Operating systems – server and third-party applications
  • Peripherals – scanners, mice, keyboards, printers, and more 
  • Software licenses 
  • Security – data backup protection, anti-spam, anti-virus, and business continuity protection 
  • Business and productivity solutions – Microsoft 365, OneDrive for Business, and more

Efficient Procurement Services at Low Costs

IT is an incredible business enabler; that is why we provide you with efficient procurement services at affordable costs. We will help you find partners and suppliers who are impartial and proactively interested in helping you achieve long-term success. We ensure these prospective partners and suppliers will provide you with proven vendor relationships, unbeatable customer service, great value, and competitive prices.

When you choose us to provide you with an IT procurement service, you can reap the following benefits:

  • A complete, one-stop-shop procurement solution 
  • A vendor-neutral approach to gain independent, impartial, and objective guidance 
  • A wide array of support services, from getting new technology to running it efficiently 
  • Cost-saving advantages 
  • Products and services that are fully aligned with your business needs, operations, and aspirations 

Driving Procurement Excellence

Whenever you need to procure IT products, Central Network Services will help you get the best products on the IT market while maintaining cost-efficiency. The savings you will achieve will positively impact your bottom-line, including increased profits and added value to your business.

Fast and Dependable Procurement Outsourcing Services

You can benefit from our quick pricing and order management since we can connect with lots of trusted suppliers. We utilise an expert IT product procurement system that reduces time and effort and potential human error. 

We do not only work with many IT market leaders, but we have also earned top accreditation and certifications from them. So, choosing us as your procurement service provider gives you complete peace of mind knowing that we are reputable and trustworthy.


For your next IT procurement, do not hesitate to hire Central Network Services. Contact us today!

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